Star Fox: Assault/Characters/Aparoid Queen

The Aparoid Queen is the main villain of Star Fox: Assault. She is the leader of all the Aparoids, and nests inside of the Aparoid Homeworld. Her main goal is to infect every being on the universe with Aparoidation.

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It is unknown when the Aparoid Queen first appeared, but it is known that a sole Aparoid destroyed an entire Cornerian fleet seventeen years before the events in Star Fox: Assault, so it is likely that the Aparoid Queen existed before that, it's origin is unknown.

The Aparoid Homeword is not in the Lylat System, but Aparoids are known to appear on planets by some kind of gate, and to reproduce very fast due to spawners.

Events of Star Fox: Assault


The Aparoid invasion to the Lylat System was very fast and so, the Cornerian army was decimated when Aparoids attacked the capital city of Corneria.

The Star Fox team slowed the invasion by destroying spawners and killing several Aparoids on Katina, Fichina, Sauria, Corneria, Cornerian Federation Orbital Gate, and other planets and locations.

The Cornerian Federation of Scientists discovered that the Aparoids were succesptible to apoptosis and that the Aparoids would never be destroyed if the Aparoid Queen was alive and creating more Aparoids, so they prepared the Cornerian Federation Orbital Gate to transport the Star Fox team to the Aparoid Homeworld and launch an special apoptosis program to the queen.

The Star Fox team started an invasion to the Aparoid Homeworld, they managed to destroy the barrier generators that blocked the way to the Homeworld Core and the Aparoid Queen.

Star Fox went into the core of the planet where they eliminated the homeworld, along with the Queen and her army, by use of Beltino Toad's apoptosis program.