Sport Innovation/Skins Sportswear

Executive summary

This article analyzes and evaluates the innovation practices in SKINS[1], which is an Australian SME organisation designing and selling compression garments. SKINS has developed a strong international brand as a highly innovative company. However, there are some challenges and areas of improvement, such as the price level of compression garment products, enhancement of distribution channels and differentiation from other companies in the industry. These areas will need to be addressed to strengthen the position of SKINS on the market and sustain their competitive advantage.

The first part of the article puts forward the general background and situational analysis of the company. The second part describes and discusses the compression garment technology in general, and it applies the business innovation radar on SKINS. The competitor analysis is presented in the third section of the article, analyzing the competitors 2XU and BSc. It is followed by a comparison between SKINS' strategy and the strategies of its competitor. The fourth part then discusses the specific innovation processes of SKINS and highlights what differentiates the company from other competitors on the market. The fifth section identifies some challenges and barriers to innovation which SKINS might face in the future. Lastly, a comparison is made with a large enterprise International Management Group.

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