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RipNet is a brand new sports technology released this past April, 2012 designed with lacrosse players in mind; specifically offensive lacrosse players. Their aim is to improve human performance of players. RipNet has connected the technology world to the lacrosse field. Web and mobile technology are offered on iPhones, iPads, android phones, and computers making RipNet portable to every practice and game. As a score keeper RipNet creates a visual for players, coaches, recruiters, and parents. This visual will show player tendencies and shot patterns which can help assist a player/coach improve performance. RipNet will then create a database of these shots; showing the offensive player where his/her shots is landing and player habits. Whether it will be in the back of the net or a missed shot RipNet will help explain the outcome of the shot and why it might have occurred. In In order for RipNet to explain the shot occurrence specific details of the shot have to be entered into RipNet. These specific details can be improved to increase skill level and game performance. RipNet also provides skill Improvement videos by working with top coaches and former players Katrina Dowd, Con Bro Chill, and NCAA Champion Goalies John Galloway and Morgan Lathrop to create a dynamic aspect of skill improvement and performance gains. (5) A social network is provided to all RipNet users. This social network connects lacrosse players from around the world mainly the US. Customers (players) can interact with one another sharing experiences of the game. Players will also have access to the latest news and events taking place giving additional opportunities to improve performance. RipNet offers data technology for coaches, recruiters, and even parents to keep track of their player’s progress.

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