Sport Innovation/Active Network Australia

Active Network Australia is the Australian main webpage of the global, featuring a series of different categories and navigation options. The top menu consists of headings such as; Technology, Media, Markets, Customers and About Us. Under each of these general information about the given part of the network is further explained on sites build on a template linking to the different kind of Event Software (categorized by type of event (endurance, tournament etc.), or setting (club membership)), Registration Features and Quick Links, as well as links to facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Example: Clicking on Technology, the subheadings; Overview (fast links to and short explanation of the other subheadings), Market (explains the marketing tools- and analysis options), Transact (how registration and payment is done and how merchandise and donation & fundraising can be utilized by customers), Operate (operational management software possibilities) and Analyse (evaluation options, i.e. statistics, surveys, summaries) can be found. Furthermore, the main page features a short animation movie introducing the concept.)

Active Network in Action - Event management SaaS