Sport Innovation/AFL Bid/SCOPE

The objective for the Gold Coast is to develop a professional, sustainable and profitable team that will compete in the AFL competition. At the start of 2008 the AFL announced their decision to expand the AFL. After six months of proposals a provisional license was given to the Gold Coast in 2009. The Australian Football commission put forward at list of ten criteria that the Gold Coast must achieve within a time span of 12 months.

The ability to successfully achieve these criteria will grant the team a license to compete in the AFL. The GC17 Continuum had 12 months to achieve these criterion and enter the AFL competition. The decision to lift the provisional license was lifted towards the end of 2010 with the successful formation of the GOLD COAST SUNS. The stakeholders riding on the success of the new AFL club comprised of the board members, the sponsors and business partners.

2008 - AFL decision to expand, Gold Coast business and community propose for provisional license

2009 - Provisional license granted upon reaching criteria, Gold Coast 'Suns' born

2010 - Gold Coast entered in VFL. Provisional license into 2011 competition achieved

2011 - Provisional license lifted. Gold Coast Suns officially an AFL team.