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Sport Innovation/AFL BId/AFL Criteria/Criterion 1 Outcomes

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The GC12 continuum was required to obtain 11 sponsors (at least one major, 10 secondary and 100 tertiary) as part of the AFL bid criteria. During 2008 the GC17 Continuum signed joint foundation partners, signed or in the process of contracting 10 second tier partners and 114 Gold Coast Small and Medium sized Enterprises made financial commitments. As well as these business partners they are supported by Host Plus, Virgin Australia, Patron partner Southport Sharks, and 9 official partners. Early 2009, Host Plus superannuation fund was named the clubs major sponsor. In summary 111 Corporate business partners including: A signed joint foundation partner signed and contracted 10 second tier business partners, and 114 financial commitments from gold coast SME as well as foundation sponsors were obtained.

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