Splinter Cell/Introduction

In Splinter Cell you play as a character called Sam Fisher. Sam Fisher is an operative for the National Security Agency, (the NSA), which is a real-life organization. One (probably fictional) part of the NSA is the Third Echelon. The Third Echelon is a brand new branch of the agency. It was formed to tackle the increasing uses of electronic intelligence held by hostile entities. When intelligence cannot be obtained by basic recon or remote hacking, the Third Echelon are granted permission to conduct physical operations.

Cosplay of Splinter Cell characters in Japan in 2014. Splinter Cell games have gained international popularity.

They deploy lone units knows as Splinter Cells. You play as one of these, or more specifically, you play as the BEST Splinter Cell; Sam Fisher. Like a sliver of glass, a Splinter Cell is small, sharp and nearly invisible. They are put into enemy territory to gain intelligence, supported by a remote team with inter-agency consultants and access to CIA satellite photos. The Splinter Cell uses many gadgets and weapons to progress though the levels. You will find yourself rappelling off walls, using sticky cameras, sticky shockers, thermal and night vision, optic cables, lockpicks and many other modern tools. Of course, stealth is important, and sometimes mission critical. Intelligence is the name of the game. You will have to traverse though levels, knocking out/killing people and stealing datasticks they are carrying, hacking computers and even logging on to the CIA mainframe (Did someone say Mission Impossible?). All in all the game involves strategy, patience and planning.