South Park: The Stick of Truth/The Bard

Exit Kupa Keep and you will be taken to the Inn of the Giggling Donkey. After a cutscene, Cartman will send you and Butters down to the basement to flush out the Bard. Make your way to the far left side nearest to the screen, where you will encounter the Bard (Jimmy). Defeat his elves, then use Cup-a-Spell to blow up the lamp. Shoot the window to let Craig in. Use Cup-a-Spell again on the candle to reach Craig, then lure the other elves into the electrified water. Use Butters to heal Craig, and he will unlock the basement door.

Exit the basement, then enter the kitchen on the left. Shoot the light on the ceiling to take out the elves attacking Cartman. He informs you the elves have taken Princess Kenny and instructs you to follow them upstairs and rescue her. Head back into the living room and shoot the light hanging from the ceiling, then use Cup-a-Spell on the candle to take out the spikes on the floor. Shoot the lamp by the front door over, then use Cup-a-Spell on the flame to let Token and Tweek in. Destroy the dresser, then defeat the elves blocking the stairs. The Elven Anti-Magician possesses a large amount of health and armor points, and is immune to magic attacks and the disgusted status affect, so take him out first.

After defeating the elves, head upstairs and enter the second room. Shoot the shelf with the bowling ball, then the light hanging from the ceiling, then the art on the wall. Break the desk on the right, walk up the ramp to the dresser, climb the piece of art like a ladder, head to the top of the cupboard, then slide down the wire onto the bed. Use Kenny's buddy ability to get the elf in the attic to drop down the ladder.

Enter the attic and use Cup-a-Spell on the flames to clear the room of hostiles. Shoot the chest on the right, then drop through the hole to enter the Bard's room.

The Bard has 1620 health points. He has four main attacks, detailed below:

  • Pied Piper's Song - Jimmy summons 3 rats to assist him in battle. Kenny's Furry Friends ability will dispose of them quickly.
  • Ranged Attack - Jimmy shoots you with his crossbow.
  • Lullaby - Puts Jimmy's enemies to sleep. You can mash the button onscreen to stay awake, but your buddy is unable to resist falling asleep.
  • The Brown Note - causes your Mana bar to fill up halfway each time if unblocked. If your Mana bar is full, you'll defecate uncontrollably and lose all of your Mana. Stun Jimmy with Dragonshout during the Song of Protection to avoid being hit with the Brown Note.

Upon defeating the Bard, you will regain possession of the Stick of Truth.