South Park: The Stick of Truth/Forging Alliances

Head to the Elven Kindom in the backyard of Kyle's house. The humans and elves have joined forces, but you will need more allies in order to defeat Clyde. This quest has four parts.

Recruit the GirlsEdit

Make your way to City Hall. If you haven't already, retrieve Annie's Justin Bieber doll from the bullies by defeating them in battle. Once they have been defeated, deliver the letter to Annie, and she will take you to the girls' secret base. The girls agree to help you if you pose as Bebe's boyfriend to help them identify who among them is a "two-faced bitch".

Pose as Bebe's BoyfriendEdit

Head to the park, then talk to Monica. Her boyfriend, Jake, will get the impression that you're flirting with his girlfriend and attack. Defeat him, then return to Annie at City Hall. She will take you back to the girls' headquarters.

Unplanned ParenthoodEdit

The girls have one final task: infiltrate the abortion clinic and obtain a copy of their records to prove who is the two-faced bitch once and for all. Disguise yourself as a girl, then head into Unplanned Parenthood and talk to the receptionist. Head through the door on the right, then make your way to the operating room. Mash the button onscreen to break the machine, then grab the medical outfit from behind the chair and put it on. Make your way to the records room and grab the records from 2013, which will trigger a cutscene.

Shrink yourself and go through the mouse hole, then shoot the pipes to trick the soldiers into killing the Nazi Zombie Rats. Head past the fetus in the jar, then shoot the pipes again to have the soldiers take out the gnomes. Enter the power box and shoot the wire, then fart on the flames to blow it up, then reach the surface by climbing up the nail in the background.

Return to normal size. In order to convince the government agents you are really a doctor, you are going to have to perform an abortion on Randy. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the operation. Once they are satisfied, head outside.

The clinic will now be overrun with Nazi Zombie Fetuses, but from this point on you will have an ally. Make your way to the left and shoot the grate by the Nazi Zombie Rats. Keep heading left and you will come across a dead soldier. Shrink yourself down and walk through the hole in his chest. Walk up the table and shoot the hanging ceiling plank to make your way to the dresser. Climb the air grate to the left of the dresser and enter the hole in the wall. Smash the wooden support and throw a fart towards the generator to blow it up. Climb the cable to the upper level and shoot out the crossbeam on the wooden support to take out the Nazi Zombie Rats. Climb back down and make your way to the air vent to the left of the dead rats. Navigate through the air vents to the hallway near the Records Room.

Exit the vent, then shoot the grenade in the soldiers hand. Walk through the cracks in the wall until you reach the other side. Switch your buddy to Stan and use his buddy ability to disable the machine gun, then fart on the flames to clear the area. Fart on some burning debris near the gun to access a Chinpokomon that is only available at this point in the game. Make your way forward and fight off the Nazi Zombie Fetuses that attack you. Once you defeat them, head into the lobby where the Giant Nazi Zombie Fetus will attack. Destroy its umbilical cord first, as it will use it to regain health. Once the fetus is dead, return to Annie outside of City Hall.

Heading NorthEdit

The abortion records are in French, so you will need to get them translated. Head back to Kyle's house, where the boys will instruct you to head north to Canada to get the records translated. In order to do so, you will need a photo for your passport.

Head to Photo Dojo. The man behind the counter will lead you to the back room, and instruct you to take off your clothes. The real photographer enters and reveals the man is a pedophile. Defeat him, and the real photographer will take your photo.

Enter the Lost Forest, and head north for four frames until you reach the Canadian border. Talk to the guard, and he will allow you to pass.

O CanadaEdit

Enter Ottowa and go to the palace. The Prince will instruct you to visit the Earl of Winnipeg. Head west to Winnipeg, and talk to the Earl, who is located in the building to the north. He will ask you to kill the Dire Bears that have been terrorizing the town. Head right, and you will find a bear in the upper right corner. Defeat the bears and return to the Earl. He is unable to translate the records, and instead advises you to visit the Minister of Montreal, who is currently imprisoned Return to the Prince and ask him to release the Minister. He will agree to do so only if you assassinate the Bishop of Banff.

Travel to Banff, then fight the Bishop. After choosing to kill or spare the Bishop, return to the Prince. The Prince has gone back on his word and refuses to release the Minister, so you will have to speak to the Duke of Vancouver instead. Make your way to Vacnouver and speak to the Duke. He will advise you to talk to the monks who live on the south end of town for help with saving the Minister. Head south and cross the river, then enter the cabin on the island to find Terrance and Phillip. Demonstrate the three farts you have already learned, and they will teach you Nagasaki, the most powerful fart in the game. Once you have learned Nagasaki, head to the Catacombs of Quebec.

Use Nagasaki to remove the rock, then fight of the army of dire wolves, snakes, and bears. Locate the Minister, and he will translate the records.

Return to South Park and meet with Annie. The girls agree to help you defeat Clyde, so return to the Elven Kindgom to deliver the news.