South Park: The Stick of Truth/Defeat the Underpants Gnomes

Head right from Clyde's house until you get to your house, then head inside and go to bed. After falling asleep, you will awaken to find the Underpants Gnomes in your room, who will panic and attack you. They will only deal one point of damage and all die after one hit, making this an easy fight. After defeating them, they will shrink you and you will be forced to fight them again. Without the advantage of your size this fight can be challenging, as they have powerful magic attacks that can be devastating. Defeat them and follow them through the mouse hole in your wall.

Take extra care to avoid the mouse trap, as it will kill you instantly if triggered. Head to the left and shoot the wire to kill the rat. Head left again and you will trigger a cutscene. Keep heading left and climb up the wires. Break the wood and head to the left, then wait for the timing on the electricity to reach the loot on the other side. Then head right and shoot the pipe to create a ramp. In order to get past the rat, climb up the wires and knock down some insulation, which will then be set on fire by the live wire. Climb back down and fart on the flames to take out the rat. Climb up the wires again and make your way to the right, then break a section of the pipe, which will fall and kill another rat. Head back down and defeat the remaining rat. Head all the way to the right, and exit the wall through the electrical socket.

You'll find yourself on top of your parent's dresser. Defeat the gnomes to the right, then climb down the wire after the Underpants Warlock. He will then confront you on your parent's bed.

The Underpants Warlock has about 3400 HP. He is heavily armored and can inflict medium-high damage and the Ability Down status affect. Use your highest-damage attacks, or attacks that lower defense and armor to defeat him. He has three main attacks, detailed below:

  • Melee Attack - The Warlock stabs you with his pencil, inflicting medium damage.
  • Shrink Underwear - The Warlock sneaks up from behind you to attack. This inflicts medium-high damage and the Ability Down status if unblocked.
  • Levitate - The Warlock levitates towards you before giving you a frontal telekinetic wedgie. This inflicts medium-high damage and the Ability Down status if unblocked.

At a certain point during the fight, your father's testicles will swing into the battlefield. Follow the directions on the screen to dodge them. Failure to dodge them will result in high damage.

After defeating the Warlock, he will give you Gnome Powder, which gives you the ability to shrink and return to normal size. He will then be crushed by your mother's breast, and you will be crushed by your father's testicles. You will awaken in your bed the next morning.