South Park: The Stick of Truth/Call the Banners

Cartman has tasked you with locating Tweek, Craig and Token. This quest is broken into three different parts for each character you need to recruit.

Hot CoffeeEdit

From Kupa Keep, exit Cartman's house and turn right, then turn onto the walking path. Follow the path through the basketball court and onto the main street. Head north, then turn right until you get to Tweek Bros. Coffee. Enter the coffee shop and walk back to the Employees Only door. Tweek will instruct you to pick up a delivery from Kenny's house.

To get to Kenny's house, turn right and head south after exiting Tweek Bros. Head through the basketball court until you reach Cartman's street. Keep heading right and you will arrive at Kenny's house. Take the garage key from Kenny's mother and enter the garage. Upon entering the garage, you will be confronted by three meth addicts. After defeating them, climb up the ladder at the back of the garage and shoot the hanging beam to make a bridge. Walk across to the shelf, and you will find a paper bag containing Tweek's special delivery. Walk down the mattress, and turn the knob on the white tank to turn off the flame. Return to Tweek Bros. and deliver the bag to Tweek.

Gate CrasherEdit

Upon exiting Tweek Bros., head left past the movie theater and turn north and the corner. Turn left again until you reach a gate with a security guard. This is Token's house. In order to get past the guard and his pepper spray, you will need to purchase a gas mask from Jimbo's Guns. Head left, past the mall and City Wok, until you arrive at Jimbo's Guns. Once you acquire the gas mask, head back to Token's house and defeat the guard. Once the guard is defeated, head up to Token's front door and deliver Cartman's message to him.

Detention SentenceEdit

Head left from Cartman's house to arrive at Craig's house. Craig's father will inform you he is serving detention. Return to Kupa Keep and inform Cartman of the situation. Cartman will instruct you to break Craig out of detention. Before you leave, Cartman will teach you Dragonshout, your first magic fart attack.

Make your way to the school and enter through the front doors. You will immediately be confronted by a hall monitor. Defeat him, then walk through the doors on the right. Shoot the cigarette in the locker, then fart on it to take out the barricade and the two hall monitors. The cafeteria is locked, so you will need to acquire the keys in order to enter.

Head to the left, fighting any hall monitors you come across. Eventually you will encounter a locked gate. Use Kenny's buddy ability to get the hall monitor to open the gate, then take out the other two hall monitors by shooting the bulletin board above them. Once they are defeated, you will receive the bronze key.

Head back the way you came and use the bronze key to enter the faculty room. There will be three hall monitors waiting for you. Shoot the cigarette into the box of fireworks and fart on the flames to take out the first two, then shoot the leaning tower of books to take out the last one. Switch your buddy to Butters and use him to heal the boy huddled in the corner. The boy will then give you the silver key.

Re-enter the hall and head right. Use the silver key to enter Mr. Mackey's office. Shoot the gold key down and make your way to the cafeteria. In order to enter, you must first defeat the hall monitor boss. This boss will be supported by two regular hall monitors. Defeat them first before focusing on him. Eventually, the boss will threaten to call your parents. Stun him with Dragonshout before he can make the call. Once he is defeated, use the gold key to open the door. Return to Kupa Keep and Cartman will teach you your second magic fart attack: Cup-a-Spell.