South Park: The Stick of Truth/Betrayal From Within

Head to the left and enter the shop. Purchase any supplies you may need, then continue left. Now you must defeat Princess Kenny. After you defeat them, they will return as a Nazi Zombie.

Continue fighting Nazi Zombie Kenny. At some point, Kenny will use one of his special attacks. The attack will depend on the buddy you are currently fighting alongside with. Mash the button to counter the attack. After the attack, your buddy will be replaced by a different one. This process will be defeated for four turns. The first buddy will be whoever you have equipped before the fight, however the next three will be completely random. Regardless of the sequence, the attacks that go with each buddy are:

  • Butters: Kenny summons Death; Butters becomes Professor Chaos to blast Death away with energy
  • Kyle: Kyle kicks Ike into the bottle of Nazi Zombie goo to prevent Kenny from drinking it
  • Jimmy: Kenny summons Nazi Zombie rats; Jimmy lures the rats away with his flute
  • Stan: Kenny summons his Nazi Zombie Unicorn; Stan decapitates it with his sword

Once you have depleted Kenny's health, defeat him once and for all by breaking the gentleman's code and farting on his balls.