South Park: The Stick of Truth/Beat Up Clyde

Use Butters to heal Wendy, then use Nagasaki to destroy the two gargoyles along the drawbridge. After advancing across the moat, you will have to options for entering the fortress. The first is to teleport up to the generator, disable it, then defeat the guards and enter through the front gate. The second is to head to the back of the base, shrink yourself down with the Gnome Dust, and enter the hole. Use Butters to heal the gnome, who will proceed to kill one of the Nazi Zombie Rats. Shoot the lighter and fart on the flames to take out the second rat. Continue on and shoot the floorboards to create a ramp into the fortress.

If you entered through the main gate, use Kenny to trick the guards into destroying the barricade, then head past them and shoot the ladder down (if you entered through the gnome hole, you will have to defeat the guards on your own). Climb up the ladder and defeat the guards, then climb up the next ladder and defeat the Nazi zombies. Once they are defeated, break the platform's leg and use Nagasaki to create a ramp. Climb up it, then climb up the ladder to the roof of the fortress.

There are two towers, one on the left and one on the right. Fart on the firework to send it into the tower on the right, then use Nagasaki to finish it off. Turn the wheel to partially raise the gate. Teleport to the highest level to collect an exclusive Chinpokomon, then shoot the lantern and fart on the flames to destroy the second tower. Turn the wheel on the left to completely raise the gate, then head inside.

Inside you will find Craig, who is beginning to raise a third Nazi Zombie Cow. Shoot the lantern on the left and fart on it to let Stan in, then use Nagasaki to break a hole in the right wall and let Ike in. When both cows are defeated, Craig will jump down with his remaining cow and attack.

If you have failed to kill the other two cows in time, you will have to fight them alongside Craig. Don't bother attacking them, as they will explode when they attack. Target Craig with your strongest attacks, especially ones that lower armor. At a certain point, Craig will create multiple clones of himself. Use a ranged weapon that will hit multiple enemies, such as Chakram or a Super Bouncy Ball. One of the clones will either be African-American or Asian, making the imposter obvious. Craig will summon more clones if the first batch is defeated, so leave one clone alive if possible. When Craig is defeated, climb up the ladder and head into the next room.

Enter the next room, then shrink down and enter Mr. Slave's butt. Make your way forward, destroying the semen walls in your way. Eventually you will be attacked by a group of bacteria, so fight them off. Climb up the ear of corn, then use Stan's buddy ability to turn off the electrical current. Afterwards, shoot the red puss-sack, then use your anal probe to teleport over. Defeat the bacteria and keep moving forward.

Climb up Mr. Hat, then destroy the billiard ball with Nagasaki. Keep moving forward and answer the phone to become friends with Big Gay Al. Fight off more bacteria, then keep moving. Climb to the top of the flashlight, walk over to the battery compartment and put in the batteries, then flip the switch to scare off the bat. Climb up the anal beads and you will encounter the Sparrow Prince.

In order to keep moving forward, you will have to defeat the Sparrow Prince first. He will be assisted by two pieces of bacteria. Defeat the bacteria first, then focus your attacks on the Sparrow Prince. He is immune to most status affects, so just do your best to whittle down his health with your most powerful attacks.

Once the Sparrow Prince is defeated, keep moving right until you come across another billiard ball. Use Nagasaki to destroy the ball, then teleport onto the bottle cap near the vibrator. Turn on the vibrator in order to clear the path to the right.

Defeat the government agents guarding the stomach, then use Jimmy's buddy ability to access the snuke. In order to disable the snuke, you will have to perform an abortion similar to the one you performed on Randy earlier in the game. Follow the onscreen prompts to diffuse the bomb. Once the bomb is diffused, Mr. Slave will cough you back out. Advance to the throne room to confront Clyde, who will force you to fight Nazi Zombie Chef.

Chef has the highest HP out of all the bosses in the game so far, so utilize your most powerful attacks. If possible, set him on fire early on to shorten the fight. When Chef utilizes his Hello Children, mash the button to prevent him from biting you. Chef will then be monetarily stunned while briefly regaining consciousness, making him vulnerable to attacks. When Chef reaches 1 HP, Clyde will set him on fire. Fart on Chef to finish him off.