South Park: The Stick of Truth/Alien Abduction

You awaken in a UFO after having been abducted by aliens. Mash the button shown to clench your sphincter and break the probe. Repeat the process with the next probe, and it will break off inside of your butt. Use the probe to teleport outside of the force field. Head to the right and shoot the cables to take out some of the aliens, then teleport across the barrier and defeat the rest of them. Use your probe to activate the elevator.

Teleport to the platform in the middle, and use the computer to move the platforms above and below you to the left. Teleport to the bottom platform, then to the tube below. Defeat the aliens, then interact with the console. Follow the pattern of button presses to extend a bridge back over to the main room.

Teleport to the highest platform, then teleport again to the level above the room you were previously in. Defeat the aliens, then interact with the console for another button-pattern mini-game. Once done, head back towards the elevator, but head across the bridge and through the door you just opened instead. Shoot the console and the cables to take out the first two aliens, then fight the Alien Chief of Security. Once he's defeated, use the console to deactivate the force field, then take the elevator back up to the main room and play another button-pattern mini-game to free Randy. Once he's free, pick up the probe that he drops, as well as the orb.

Exit the room and climb down the ladder to find the kidnapped hobo. Defeat him and take his tinfoil hat, which reduces the damage from aliens by 25%. Climb back up the ladder and inset the power crystal in the elevator, then use your probe to activate the elevator.

Head upstairs and collect the Chinpokomon on the TV, as this will be your only chance to collect it. Then proceed into the cockpit. Destroy the Alien Defense Matrix first, then focus your attacks evenly on the two pilots. If one of them is defeated, the other will increase their attack twice, so make sure to have a full health bar or use a Strength or Speed Potion. If you use a speed potion and defeat one of the pilots, the remaining pilot will only attack once. If playing as the thief class, you can steal one of the alien's powerful defenses. Otherwise, use a water balloon to eliminate their buffs.