Sonic the Hedgehog 3/Items

Items can be found on all the levels. Items include:

Sprite of a ring. RingsEdit

Rings are the most common item in the game. They protect Sonic/Tails from harm. When Sonic/Tails takes damage they will lose all the rings they are carrying, if they have no rings then they lose a life. Every 100 rings collected earns your player an extra life.

Sprite of an Item monitor. Item BoxesEdit

Sonic/Tails must attack these to get the contents.

Sprite Name Description
  Super Ring Gives you 10 Rings.
  Invincible Makes you invincible for a short period of time. Note that some moving objects are still harmful.
  Flame Shield Protects you from flames. Goes out in water.
  Water Shield Allows you to breathe underwater.
  Lightning Shield Acts as a magnet for rings. Goes out in water.
  Power Sneaker Lets you run faster for a short period of time.
1-Up Gives you an extra life. Note that the picture is of the character you are playing as.
  Robotnik Causes damage.