Sonic the Hedgehog 3/Angel Island Zone

Intro screen to Angel Island Zone Act 1

A tranquil jungle island that is set ablaze by Dr. Robotnik after Sonic and Tails arrive.

Act 1Edit

Special StagesEdit

The first special stage is behind the rock to the left

1. Near the start of the zone, just after the first drop, turn left. Do a spin dash to break the rock blocking the entrance to a hidden room containing the special stage ring.

2. After the zone is set on fire, go down the first drop and break the rock to the left. In the hidden room is a spring. The special stage ring is above the spring.


The mini-boss is one of the hovering flame drones that burned the jungle.

Act 2Edit

Special StagesEdit

1. After you go through the narrow shoot at the very start of the stage, just keep pressing right and you should break into the hidden room after you exit the shoot.

2. When you get to the waterfall with the rocks that appear and disappear, fall down into the pool below. Do a spin dash up the right wall to find the hidden room where the special stage ring is.


Sonic and/or Tails faces off against Dr. Robotnik's own flame-wielding vehicle at a waterfall. This is easier if you have the flame shield as Dr. Robotnik's fireballs are unable to harm you with this shield.