Sonic the Hedgehog 2/Casino Night Zone

A city that never sleeps, full of pinball rooms, flashing lights, and slot machines.

Screenshot of Casino Night Zone
Screenshot of Casino Night Zone

Items edit

Slot Machine edit

The slot machines give out different prizes depending on when the reels land (Sonic, Tails, Ring, Bar, Jackpot or Robotnik). In addition, a Jackpot or two can also act as a wild card or wild cards, rewarding rings even though the other reel(s) are not Jackpots. One Jackpot and two icons give out the standard prize, but two Jackpots will double the standard prize for the third icon. A Bar will also give out rings depending on how many there are. Note that in this case, Jackpots only act as doublers in the case of only Jackpots and Bars, i.e., two Bars with one Jackpot is worth 40 rings, and one Bar with two Jackpots is worth 80 rings, but one Bar and one Jackpot is only worth 2 rings.

Act 2 edit

Boss edit

Dr. Robotnik tries to defeat Sonic with his neon spike-ball machine.