Sonic Heroes/Teams/Team Sonic

Team Sonic consists of:

Team Sonic is the main team of Sonic Heroes. One day, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Power, and Knuckles the Echidna receive a letter from the maniacal Doctor Eggman. The doc tells them of his new ultimate weapon that will be ready within three days, thereby challenging them to try and find it. Now the three have joined up to stop the mad doctor's plans as Sonic heroes.

The gameplay for this team requires one to race through the levels as quickly as possible, with intermediate difficulty settings. Sonic leads the group as they move over the winding courses, getting them to the goal ring with time to spare. However, if a high ledge needs reaching or a flying foe needs a good beat-down, Tails can take charge with flight to carry his teammates to victory. Whether an army of enemies or a solid barrier blocks the way, Knuckles can take them down easily, and his group gliding ability can handle almost any crevice. The dream team works together to take down the Eggman with speed and attitude. Team Sonic's abilities are very similar to Team Dark's, with the exception of the Power character's combos (Instead of firing Gatling guns, Knuckles triggers volcanic eruptions) and the Team Blast. Team Sonic's Team Blast, Sonic Overdrive, enables Sonic to use the Light Attack by pressing the B button in midair near an enemy or group of enemies for a short time. The Light Attack is extremely powerful and can wipe out non-boss enemies just as quickly and easily as the Team Blast itself can.

Attacks edit

Sonic edit

  • Hold B: Roll (Holding for longer Joins the Team together)
  • Release B (Before Team Joins): Flying Kick
  • Release B (After Team Joins): Accel Boost
  • Jump + B: Blue Tornado
  • Jump + A: Homing Attack
  • Homing Attack to wall: Triangle Jump
  • B to line of rings: Light Ring Dash

"Tails" edit

  • Jump + A: Fly (Loses power as you move, lasts longer as leveled up)
  • Fly + A: Quick Ascent
  • B: Thunder Shoot
  • B (Alone): Dummy Ring Bombs

Knuckles edit

  • Approach Enemies: Team Homing
  • B: Forward Punch, Team Attack Prepare (Team Homing Will not work)
  • B + B: Spinning Back Punch
  • B + B + B: Volcanic Eruption (Lv. 1, Small Earthquake, Lv. 2, Flaming Earthquake, Lv. 3, Eruption)
  • TAP + Jump: Team Surround (Team Homing will work again)
  • Jump + B: Quick Team Surround
  • Team Surround + B: Fire Dunk
  • Jump + A: Triangle Dive