Sonic Heroes/Teams/Team Dark

Team Dark consists of:

Team Dark's common cause to find Dr. Eggman. Rouge the Bat, the founder of the team and its resident flyer, wants to find Eggman's secret treasure. Shadow the Hedgehog, the speed specialist, wants to know his true identity and why he was left inside a pod. E-123 Omega, the fully-armed robot, is angry with Eggman for abandoning him and wishes to prove his power to him.

The missions of Team Dark are the most action-oriented in the game, calling for them to blast through giant hordes of enemies to reach the goal ring, and therefore recommended for experienced players. To accommodate for this, Team Dark has some of the more offensive techniques at its disposal. Shadow uses the Homing attack to blast through rows of Eggman's flunkies; Rouge, besides being able to launch her companions out at enemies in the air, can attack enemies on her own with powerful kicks or misleading ring-like bombs; Omega can also launch his friends outwards, after which he can transform his arms into formidable Gatling guns to take out whole groups of foes.



Team Dark's attacks is extremely similar to Team Sonic's attacks, with almost no differences. The only notable difference is that Omega's combo is different; he uses his concealed weapons in his arms. Lv. 1 lets him use his machine gun, Lv. 2 ignites his flamethrower, and Lv. 3 launches missiles.