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this one have to be translatet and adapted to English


This template provides a range of optional parameters.

|type =
|alternative =
|text =
|melody =
|creator =
|key =
|arranger =
|co-arranger =

The template itself ther is no parameter mandatory. However, two parameters should be set for each song: type and arranger.

Parameter: typeEdit

Documented that the song is free of copyright. So there should appear values as follows:folk,verbally,Traditional or short "Trad., Gospel,Spiritual,American folk song" etc.. Possibly. also an indication of the time of writing (First publication From the ... Century,etc.). If not specified appear "Traditional".

Parameter: arrangerEdit

Corresponds to the Wikibook-author and should always be given to make arrangements for change requests and corrections. The possibility can be, for example, that certain chord information which you would like to adapt to a supposed original, are essential for a lesson and the song is to be used after the apparent correction is no longer for the book project for which it was originally written.

Parameter: co-arrangerEdit

Will be set with an "and" after the arranger.

Parameter: alternativeEdit

Can be used for a commonly used alternative title of the piece, especially if this would be for a different lexical Einsorteirung responsible.

Parameter: textEdit

Specifies the poet, (writer).

Parameter: melodyEdit

Specifies the composer.

Parameter: creatorEdit

Can be used if the words and melody was written by a person or a group of persons

Parameter: keyEdit

Only needs to be specified when the key is not simply seen. Major and minor keys should be readily identifiable, church modes, however, as Dorian and Mixolydian and Phrygian, should be explained. Possibly. should this key with a link to the Harmony lesson can be used.