Songbook/Danny Boy

Irish love song – Alternative title: Londonderry_Air, Text: Frederick Weatherly (1913 publ.), Melody : Rory Dhall O'Cahan (ca. 1600): Londonderry Air, arranged by Mjchael 

The lyrics to "Danny Boy" were written by the English lawyer and lyricist Frederick Weatherly in 1910. Although the lyrics were originally written for a different tune, Weatherly modified them to fit "Londonderry Air" in 1913 when his sister-in-law in America sent him a copy.

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Da Danny Boy i.d.R. sehr langsam vorgetragen wird, besteht relativ viel Spielraum zum Arrangieren der Begleitakkorde. Hier werden nur die wesentlichen verwendet, die natürlich sehr effektvoll durch melodieangepasste Zwischenakkorde ergänzt werden können.

Danny BoyEdit

1st Verse
Oh Danny D Boy, the D7 pipes, the pipes are G calling
From glen to D glen, and down the mountain A side
The summer's D gone, and D7 all the roses G falling
'Tis you, 'tis D you must A go and I must D bide
But come ye D back when G summer's in the D meadow
Or when the Bm valley's G hushed and white with A snow
'Tis I'll be D here in G sunshine or in D shadow Bm
Oh Danny D Boy, oh Danny A Boy, I love you D so
2nd Verse
And when you D come, and D7 all the flowers are G dying
If I am D dead, as dead I well may A be
You'll come and D find the D7 place where I am G lying
And kneel and D say an A "Ave" there for D me
And I shall D hear, tho' G soft you tread a- D bove me
And all my Bm grave will G warmer, sweeter A be
For you will D bend and to G tell me that you D love me Bm
And I shall D sleep in peace un- A til you come to D me