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Melody picking of Aura LeeEdit

this text have to be translated into English

The melody of this traditional music has been used also for the love song Love Me Tender. By the interpretation of Elvis Pressly that old tune again gained new popularity.

The basic harmonies of the piece are relatively simple. The extended chords be produced by the additional melody notes. These were actually integrated in the accompaniment.

Very often harmonies that come only through the notes of the melody reached, will no extra named. But it is worthwhile to analyze the harmonic structure of this song closely, and uses the standard chord combinations to memorize it.

Some few additional harmonies such as (VI) II-VI progression, or intermediate dominants and chains of dominants gives this folk-song a very jazzy character. Some Septim chords that you would use for a piano version, or in a pure chord accompaniment are harmoniously simplified for ease of playability.

To become the chords easier into your hands, some similar fretted chords been included for comparison. These auxiliary harmonies are indeed in the chord list (with brackets), but don't appear on the actual song.

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