Solitaire card games/Puss in the Corner

First, the four aces are separated from the rest of the deck and placed side by side in two cards of two, forming a square. The four waste piles, which initially would contain a card each, are located at the corners of the square.

Building on the foundations is up by color (red suits on red, black suits on black, no matter the suit) to kings. The player first examines the cards to move any cards that can be built on the foundations. If a gap occurs, it is not immediately filled. Only one card can be moved at a time.

After the sufficient cards are built, four cards, one at a time, are dealt onto any of the wastepiles (not necessarily one on each waste pile). Afterwards, any cards that can be built to the foundations are moved. There should be no building on the wastepiles themselves. The process is repeated, i.e. dealing four cards any on the wastepiles and moving any available cards (the top card of each wastepile) to the foundations over and over, until the stock is exhausted.

After the stock is exhausted, the player can do a redeal. To do this, the player must pick up the four waste piles in any order one wishes, and without shuffling, restarts dealing four cards, restarting the process. The game ends when this second stock is used up.

The game is won when all the cards end up in the foundations.