Solitaire card games/Eagle Wing

This game takes its name from the tableau which depicts a bird, particularly an eagle, spreading its wings in flight.

Rules edit

  1. First, 13 cards are dealt face down as one pile. They will act as the "trunk" of the eagle, i.e. the reserve.
  2. Then, four cards are dealt each to the left and right of the trunk (eight cards in all). They act as the "wings" of the eagle, i.e. the tableau.
  3. After these 21 cards are dealt, a twenty-second card is placed above the "eagle." This is the base of the first foundation and the three other foundations must start with cards with the same rank.
  4. The cards on the wings are available only to be built on the foundations, which are built up by suit and round-the-corner (aces placed on top of kings).
  5. Gaps are immediately filled with cards from the trunk, turning it face up.
  6. When there are no more moves to be made from the wings, the stock is dealt one card at a time to be played onto the foundations.
  7. Unplayed cards are placed on the waste pile, the top card of which is available for play.
  8. The stock can be dealt three times, i.e. two redeals are allowed by picking up the wastepile and turning it face down.
  9. When the trunk is down to its last card, it is turned face up and immediately available to be built onto the foundations without having to wait for an empty space on the wings. Afterwards, any space on the wings may be filled with a card from the stock or the wastepile.
  10. The game ends when all moves have been made after the stock has been dealt the third time.
  11. The game is won when all cards are built up in the foundations.