Makemake, formally designated (136472) Makemake, was discovered in Mar 31 2005 by M.E. Brown, C.A. Trujillo, and D.Rabinowitz at Palomar Observatory. It is the third largest known dwarf planet (after Eris and Pluto) and is the second largest known object in the Kuiper belt (after Pluto).

Makemake and moon.

Makemake is the mythological creator deity of Easter Island and god of fertility in the mythos of the Rapanui, the island's native people. The name was chosen in part to preserve the object's connection with the fact as it was discovered a few days past Easter. As having a Polynesian origin, the name is pronounced MAH-kay MAH-kay.

Orbit edit

Makemake averages 45.79 AU from the Sun, with an orbital eccentricity of 0.16. Its orbit is tilted 28.96° from that of Earth. Makemake takes 309.88 Earth-years to orbit the Sun.

Rotation edit

Makemake rotates about its axis once every 7.77 hours.