Snake II

Snake is one of the more popular games on older Nokia cell phones.


The goal is to make as many points as possible by making the snake eat stuff that shows up. The more you eat, the longer the snake will grow. If the snake collides with itself, the game ends.


You control the snake with the number buttons:
2: snake goes up
4: snake goes left
6: snake goes right
8: snake goes down

  • snake turns left
  1. snake turns right

To pause, press C or action button.

The snake can not go backwards.


You can select the speed of the snake. In the game menu, select "Level" and select a level. The higher the level, the faster the snake goes. There are nine levels. As the levels increase, more points are rewarded for eating things.


There are five mazes you can choose between, plus the "no maze" option. If you select "no maze," there are no walls. When the snake goes out one end, it comes back through the other end. Maze 1 is just a wall around the course. The mazes get harder and more complicated the higher the maze's number is.


After the snake has eaten five things, a bonus thing will appear for a short time. It gives higher scores the faster you eat them. The snake does not grow when you eat them.