Smalltalk Programming/Overview

removeEventsTriggeredFor: anObject inState: aState
	"Remove all the events triggered by the receiver which would have
	been sent to anObject in the given state."

	| events |
	events := transitions at: aState ifAbsent: [ ^self ].
	events copy keysAndValuesDo:
		[:evtSym :msgSendSet |
		| newSet |
		newSet := msgSendSet reject: [:each | each receiver == anObject
			and: [ (anObject == self and: [ each selector == #newState: ]) not ] ].
		msgSendSet size = newSet size ifFalse:
			[newSet isEmpty
				ifTrue: [ events removeKey: evtSym]
				ifFalse: [ events at: evtSym put: newSet]]].

Claim: Lots of indentions is a sign that code needs to be refactored. CPS