The goal of the Slackware Handbook project is to create a document that closely resembles the FreeBSD Handbook in framework and content, but all about Slackware Linux. Envisioned by Narayan Newton and brought to life by Mad Penguin, the Slackware Handbook is unlike any other technical documentation in the world in that it is a completely 'live' medium. This is one book that will never age, never become obsolete, never collect dust... all because it is in perpetual development by dedicated technology professionals from around the globe.

Anyone will be allowed to contribute, but everything submitted to the book is moderated by a peer review system. If something is inaccurate or misleading, it will be caught and fixed. If something is out of date, it will be updated. In keeping with the true nature of Open Source, it will be completely open for anyone to read, download, and share. The Slackware Handbook will prove to be one of the most accurate technical documents on the planet.