Simulation with AnyLogic/Pedestrian Simulation/Step 4. Configuring the simulation

Step 4. Configuring SimulationEdit

Model simulation has a set of specific settings. A group of model settings is called an experiment, and experiments are displayed at the bottom of the model branch in the workspace tree. You can create several experiments for the same model with alternative model settings. One experiment is created by default and named Simulation.


If we start the model, it will work for 100 time units and then will stop. Since we want to observe the process for a long time, we need to remove the model stop condition.

  Remove the model stop condition

  1. In the Project view, click the Simulation:Main experiment item.
  2. Go to the Model Time tab of the Properties window. Here you can define model time settings. In Pedestrian Library a model time unit is considered as one day of a model lifetime (you can see that days are chosen as Time units).
  3. Choose Never in the Stop drop-down list. The model now will simulate infinitely until we will stop it.