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Simulation with AnyLogic/Agent-Based Modeling/Step 9. Adding the Product Consumption Logic

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Step 9. Adding the Product Consumption Logic

The model we have created does not capture situations where the product is consumed, discarded, or upgraded, all of which lead to repeat purchases. We will model repeat purchase behavior by assuming that adopters becomes potential adopters when their first unit is discarded or consumed. Assume that the average duration of active use of our product is 1 year.

Step 1. Creating a new model1.gif Modify the statechart

  1. Open the Person class diagram by double-clicking the Person item in the Project view.
  2. Add the transition from the Adopter state to the PotentialAdopter state. This transition should be taken after one time unit, so leave the default transition's properties (triggered by Timeout equal to 1).
    Step 9. Adding the Product Consumption 1.png

We have finished modeling replacement product purchases.
Now we want to study the diffusion process over a long period of time, therefore configure the model to work infinitely.

Step 1. Creating a new model1.gif Remove the model stop condition

  1. In the Project view, click the Simulation:Main experiment item.
  2. On the Model Time tab of the Properties window, clear the Stop model at specified time check box.

Run the model and study the product diffusion process with the chart. You can see that the market saturation is not reached in this model.

Step 9. Adding the Product Consumption2.png