Simple Guide to Minecraft/The End/Mobs

Important Mobs in the End edit

The End is the mysterious and final dimension in Minecraft, accessible through the End Portal. It is home to unique and challenging mobs that players must encounter and overcome. Here are some of the important mobs you will encounter in the End:

Endermen edit

Endermen are tall, slender mobs with long limbs and glowing purple eyes. They are passive until provoked or looked at directly, at which point they become hostile and attack the player. They will atack Endermites. Endermen have the ability to teleport and are known for their distinct teleportation sound. They drop ender pearls upon defeat, which are useful for teleportation and crafting Eye of Enders.

Shulkers edit

Shulkers are box-shaped mobs that reside in End Cities and End Ships. They have the unique ability to levitate and shoot projectiles called shulker bullets, which cause levitation in players upon impact. Shulkers drop shulker shells when killed, which can be used to craft shulker boxes for additional storage. These mobs provide a challenge and valuable rewards to those who explore the End Cities.

Endermites edit

Endermites are small hostile mobs that spawn rarely when an ender pearl is used. They closely resemble silverfish and attack players on sight. While endermites don't have any notable drops, they can be used to lure and distract ender pearls in certain situations.

Ender Dragon edit

The Ender Dragon is the final boss of Minecraft, residing at the End Portal. Defeating the dragon requires strategic planning and combat skills. It has a variety of attacks, including charging at players, launching fireballs, and summoning Ender Crystals for healing. Upon defeating the Ender Dragon, it drops valuable items such as experience orbs, dragon's breath, and the Dragon Egg. For more information see the Enderdragon page.

Conclusion edit

The End is a mysterious and challenging dimension that introduces unique mobs and the ultimate boss fight. Endermen, Shulkers, Endermites, and the powerful Ender Dragon await players who brave the journey to this extraordinary realm. Understanding their behaviors, drops, and combat strategies is crucial for conquering the End and completing the Minecraft adventure.