Simple Guide to Minecraft/Survival Tutorials

Simple Beginner's Tutorial edit

This tutorial will show you how to spend your first few days. Note: This tutorial is referring to in-game days, which are 20 minutes each.

Day One: Getting Started edit

The most important thing to do on your first day is to collect wood, basic tools, and a bed. Break trees to collect logs, which you can then craft into planks using the 2x2 Crafting Grid in your inventory. Then fill the crafting grid with planks to create a crafting table. Use your remaining wood to craft sticks and a Wooden Pickaxe. Use the pickaxe to collect stone, then craft stone tools. Whenever you're confused on how to craft things, which takes time to remember the many things to craft, the green recipe book can help. Spend the rest of the collecting food, whatever coal or Iron you see when mining, and building a base. Remember to make a bed (Out of 3 planks and 3 wool, which you can get from a sheep.) To set your respawn point and skip the night. If you're unable to get a bed, you can go mining underground while you wait for daytime to come. Remember to watch your back for mobs (A.K.A. monsters) and other dangers, such as a high height, or perhaps a friend you're playing with.

Day Two: Resource Expansion and Exploration edit

On the second day in Minecraft, focus on expanding your resources and exploring the world. Collect more wood and stone to fuel your progress and craft a Furnace for smelting ores. Venture into caves or dig underground to find valuable resources like coal, iron, and diamonds. Set up a farm for a sustainable food supply and breed animals. Enhance your base by adding rooms, storage areas, and defensive measures. Continuously explore the world to discover new biomes, structures, and treasures. Lastly, gather resources and fortify your base to prepare for the night. By expanding your resource collection, exploring caves, farming, and fortifying your base, you'll be well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in the Minecraft universe.

Days Three, Four, & Five: Enchanting and Advanced Exploration edit

On your next three days in Minecraft, shift your focus towards enchanting and advanced exploration. Begin by setting up an enchanting table to gain access to powerful enchantments for your tools and armor. Gather the necessary resources like obsidian, diamonds, and books to craft the enchanting table. Explore the world further, seeking out rare biomes, structures, and dungeons. Look for villages to trade with villagers and discover valuable loot. Consider venturing into strongholds or nether fortresses for more challenging encounters and unique rewards. Continue expanding your base, adding more functional areas and aesthetic touches. Experiment with redstone to create automated systems and contraptions. By delving into enchanting, advanced exploration, and base expansion, you'll unlock new possibilities and delve deeper into the intricacies of Minecraft's vast and dynamic world.

Conclusion: General Goals and Guidelines edit

As you progress beyond the third day in Minecraft, there are several general goals and guidelines to keep in mind for a successful playthrough. First and foremost, continue your exploration of the vast and diverse world, uncovering new biomes, structures, and hidden treasures. Embrace your adventurous spirit and seek out unique encounters and rare resources.

Another crucial aspect is the expansion and improvement of your base. Take the time to enhance your base, adding functional areas, aesthetic elements, and defensive measures. Create storage systems, farms, and automated redstone contraptions to streamline your gameplay experience.

The best way to want to keep yourself from getting bored in your world is to make sure you are happy with how it looks. If your world isn't nice to look at, you won't have as much fun playing in it. If an area looks empty, just build something there. It could be a bush, a tree, a signpost, a bridge, anything.

Acquiring valuable resources is essential for your progression. Seek out diamonds, emeralds, and rare enchanting books to craft powerful tools and armor. These resources will empower you to tackle more challenging adventures and overcome formidable obstacles.

Set your sights on locating and conquering strongholds to retrieve ender pearls and activate the End Portal. Prepare yourself for a climactic battle against the fearsome Ender Dragon in the End dimension.

Delve into the intricacies of redstone and experiment with creating complex contraptions, automated farms, and interactive mechanisms. Push the boundaries of creativity and engineering in Minecraft, mastering the art of redstone.

Consider engaging in multiplayer and collaborative projects, joining servers or inviting friends to play together. Collaborate on ambitious projects, engage in trading, and experience the social aspect of Minecraft.

Remember, Minecraft offers a boundless world of possibilities. Set your own goals, embrace creativity, and enjoy the journey as you shape and explore your unique Minecraft world.

Skilled survival guide edit

This version gets you farther, faster, but requires practise and/or knowledge, and is considered more of a pro-strat.

Getting started edit

Your first task is to get wood. Get around 5 - 8 logs. Craft a wooden pickaxe and immediately mine stone until you have 5 cobblestone. Then craft a stone pickaxe and stone sword. Kill pigs and cows to get food. If you jump, and hit the mob as you are falling, you will do a critical hit, indicated by the star particles. A critical hit with a stone sword (stone axe on java edition) can kill a pig or cow in 1-2 hits. Aim go get around half a stack of raw food.

Go underground and dig straight down in a two by one hole. In this way, if you stand between both blocks, you can see what's below you and avoid faling into lava. If you see any coal or iron ore, mine it. Your goal is to go to y = -40 (or y = 6 pre-caves and cliffs). Then craft two furnaces and smelt your iron and some food. Strip mine for about a minute, then return to your furnace and get your iron ingots and food.

Craft an iron pickaxe and continue to strip mine. Remember to mine and gold or lapis. Iron can also help. Once you get 3 diamonds, craft a diamond pickaxe. Diamonds are easy to find in caves, but they are also quite dangerous if you don't have any armour.

Enchanting edit

Continue mining for diamonds until you get 2 more, then return to your furnaces to grab the iron. Make a bucket and go back to the surface.

Fill your bucket with water and look for sugarcane. If you see any horses, donkeys, llamas, or cows, kill them for leather. If you see a pool of lava, pour your water bucket over it and mine 4 pieces of obsidian.

Once you have some sugarcane, plant it. You will need a lot of it. This is when you should build a house, make a farm, ect. A cow farm would be a good idea.

Once you have 2 stacks of sugarcane and 56 leather, craft all the paper you can, make 56 books, then an enchantment table. Craft bookshelves until you have 15. Then place all 15 bookshelves an a square around the enchantment table.

Keep crafting and enchanting iron pickaxes until one you have has fortune 2 or fortune 3. Now you can return to the mine and look for diamonds. Only mine diamonds with the fortune pickaxe, use any other pickaxe when mining other blocks.

Once you have around 30 diamonds, go back to your enchantment table and craft a diamond sword, axe, and full diamond armour. You can either enchant your gear now, or trade with librarian villagers for good enchanted books like unbreaking and mending.

Try to avoid thorns for your armour, since this can make it break faster, and will make it a pain if trying to capture a hostile mob, like a zombie or piglin, since the thorns will draw their aggro onto you. Also knockback can be annoying when dealing with skeletons, evokers, pillagers, blazes, and other ranged mobs, since the strategy with ranged mobs is to get close to them, and knockback makes that almost impossible.

Speedrunning Tutorial edit

This tutorial will show strategies to beat the Enderdragon quickly.

For a overview on speedrunning, see Simple Guide to Minecraft/Speedrunning. The Wikibook Minecraft Speedrunning is also useful for a more in-detail guide.