Signetics 2650 & 2636 programming/Development systems

This chapter takes a brief look at the options available for developing new software for these consoles.


This screenshot was created with WinArcadia.
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WinArcadia (for Windows) and AmiArcadia (for Amiga) are the most developed systems for programming these consoles. They are emulators for a range of 2650-based consoles, computers and arcade machines, with capability for disassembly, assembly and debugging. The supported languages are currently English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish. They are built and maintained by James Jacobs in Australia, and can be downloaded from Emerson Arcadia 2001 Central at


A Raspberry Pi 400 computer.

This is currently under development by Derek Andrews in Canada. It is an IDE that runs on a Raspberry Pi 400 connected to a console via an interface board. The IDE includes an editor and assembler. It dumps its binary output to a dual-port RAM on the interface board. It enables developers to test their code on a real console.