Sexual Health/Condom

'Reminder :' condom does not provide absolute protection from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV!

Putting on a condom handsEdit

thumb|How to put on a condom

Video Demo
  1. Check the condom and do not use if:
  2. * The expiration date has expired;
  3. * The integrity of the packaging (foil) is broken condom , (if you click on it clearly felt an air bubble , then everything is ok - tightness of packaging is not broken)
  4. * The condom does not fit (too big or small;)
  5. * Condom durable enough (at anal sex );

To avoid damage of the condom package should open hands (to avoid damage to long nails) , without any additional tools : scissors or nail files ( and especially not the teeth) . Nadorvite one side of the foil so as to not damage the condom .

  1. ' Take another condom if:'
  2. * The condom has an uneven color or color had changed;
  3. * Steels brittle , dry or sticky to the touch;
  4. Squeeze your thumb and forefinger spermopriemnik (papilla at the end of a condom) to let the air out (presence of air in it - a common cause of condom breakage) and bring a condom to penis , in a state of erection .
  5. If the foreskin still covers the head , you can pull it back (depending on your preference, you can not do), then hold the drive with one hand, gently expand the condom over the entire length of the member towards its base.
  6. After the ejaculation pull penis of vagina , thus hold the condom at the base to prevent it from slipping.
  7. Remove the condom.
  8. Tie condom so as to prevent leakage of seminal fluid.
  9. Put the used condom in the waste tank (pre- wrapped in paper , so as not to devote extraneous details of his sex life ) . ' Keep a condom down the toilet !'

Putting on a condom mouthEdit

  1. Best of all, if your partner is lying on your back or bent elbows.
  2. Open the package carefully ;
  3. Take a condom in her mouth so that the tip of the condom ( spermopriemnik ) located behind the teeth (not to damage the condom ) and squeeze his tongue or lips so that there is not enough air ;
  4. You can drop a little lubricant ( grease) on the tip of the penis, which will increase sensations during intercourse .
  5. From the lips unroll the condom to the end;