Sexual Health/Anal Sex

Anal (from the word "anus") sex, also called "anal intercourse" and "anal penetration" - sexual act committed by the introduction of the penis, or faloprotez one partner in the anus of another. In a broader sense to anal sex are all kinds of sexual stimulation of the anus with a foreign object.


  • You must cleanse the bowels with enemas or cleanse your colon soapy finger.
  • You must use a lubricant.
  • During class anal sex must be kept constant verbal contact with a partner and stop intercourse in case of pain.
  • The introduction should be careful and slow.
  • You must use condom .
  • You must relax your anus.
  • If anal sex with vaginal alternates should use different condoms.
  • Late in pregnancy, and in some cases and in early pregnancy and pregnancy average anal sex, as well as vaginal contraindicated. Since the uterus is located between the rectum and the bladder, then anal sex blows fall into the uterus orgasm during pregnancy is contraindicated in some cases, moreover infection that is almost always present during anal sex can get into the vagina leading to replenishment, which could adversely affect the embryo.
  • If the penis is too long , you should use the restrictive ring.

Precautions that should be followed as for vaginal and anal sex

  • Do not insert objects that may be stuck .
  • Toys for sex must be clean.
  • If you enter the wooden items , they should be planed smooth.