Semiconductor Electronics/About this book


Hello, readers. This book is sponsored by Mind As Lab publication, a company which I started to create free and open-source documentation and software creation. When I buy technical books in India, they are surely substandard. Books that are sold in USA and Europe have color prints, hence they helps those students understand better. Those copies that were printed for India, Pakistan and other nations had only black and white content. They were done so to make those books cheap.

Here in Wikipedia I have the opportunity to create a book for electronics with Multimedia content. Once the books has enough volume, it will be converted to PDF and published on the internet for free (free over here stands for freedom like free speech, not like free beer).

This book aims to provide software to make student life easy. Currently Mind As Lab is experimenting with animation. If it becomes a success, in the far future this book will provide built-in movies explaining selected concepts.


Semiconductor Electronics is a book that is targetted at students studying electronics. This book was initially started by A.K.Karthikeyan to provide comprehensive material for students.


If you have contributed to this book, feel free to add your name.


Thanks to many for their support in writing this book. Special thanks to Mind As Lab, which will publish this book in full color print in the Indian subcontinent. Thanks to Chitra and Sohail, graphic designers at Mind As Lab, for providing many SVG images that will enhance the book. Thanks to all open-source programmers who have released various tools under the GPL license (specially under GPL v.3); it is really them who need to be credited.

Thanks to the Mind As Lab accounting team for providing funding worth Rs.200/week to make this book a reality. I wish more funds be forthcoming.