Semantic Web/Transformability: Small Scale to Medium Scale

Transformability: Small Scale to Medium ScaleEdit

An example of a small-scale Semantic Web system joined together to make a medium-sized Semantic Web system could be two groups that have published address book formats wanting to make a larger and better address book format by merging the two current formats together. Anyone using one of the old address book formats could probably convert them into the new format, and hence there would be a greater sense of interoperability. That's generally what happens when one goes from a small-scale Semantic Web system into a medium-scale Semantic Web system, although this is often not without some disadvantages and incompatabilities. The Semantic Web takes the sting out of it by automating 99% of the process (it can convert field A into field B, but it can't fill in any new data for you... of course, new fields can always be left empty for a while).