Seiken Densetsu 3/Part 8: Yet Another Invasion

Alright. Welcome to Wind Kingdom Rolante. It's big, but fortunately rather linear. Go in through the gate, and immediately go to the right. Go into the door and use the Gold Statue. Now, head downstairs and fight the ninjas. Afterwards, get directions from the wounded Amazon. The rest of it is linear. You might have a problem with this one hidden door.

Continue on. In the second room with the three Evil Swords, there are two exits. One leads outside, to a balcony. The other leads to a Gold Statue. When you reach the balcony, Lise will be there if she's not in your party. The enemy general is inside the door behind her. Don't go in yet. Pull up the item storage menu, and get out your Ice Coins and Poseidon's Claws.

You will want to save, no matter what. You will also want to be at least level 12, no exceptions. If you have Kevin, make sure it's night. The next section requires you to fight two bosses in a row. You've been warned. When you're ready, go through the door and fight the first fight.

Boss: Genova


No relation to Jenova. The strategy here is fairly simple. Genova is Fire-based, and knows a good amount of Salamando's magic, including Power Up, Fireball, and Melt Wave. Genova is only level 10, but can also spit out level 10 Shapeshifters. These little dudes are annoying for two reasons: One, they can shapeshift, and every time they do, they regain health; two, they have the attack strength and elemental attributes of whatever they Shift into. This means that they can become level 10 Devil Wolfs, with very strong attack; they can also become level 10 Sirens that absorb Wind Magic. Anyway, use the Poseidon's Claws on yourselves and use up all of your Ice Coins on Genova. Focus your attacks on Genova itself and try to let your partners take care of the Shapeshifters. You will need to keep your HP at least over 90, as Genova knows level 1 and level 2 Trap Magic.

You will get a heal after you beat Genova, but you can't leave. You can only go forward. Before doing so, pull up the storage menu. You should store any leftover coins you have. If you have anything throwable that hurts one enemy, like Darts, Axes, Bombs, or Assassin Bug Eyes, bring it. Also, bring any leftover Claws, and fill back up on Angel Grails, Pakkun Chocolates, and Round Drops. Go into the next room.

Boss: Bill and Ben


Bill and Ben are very, very, very annoying. They are essentially level 12 Ninja Masters, one of Hawk's final Classes (dark-light, in case your were wondering), and they are hard, especially right after a boss fight. At the beginning, they will fuse. This is your time to hit them with all the one-enemy items. After they separate, do not use any Magic or Magic-casting items on them, because they will counter with Shadow Dive or a Jutsu. Actually, they'll use Shadow Dive on you no matter what, so be prepared and keep HP very high. If you are at a high level (level 14 or better) you can try Specter Eyes to cancel their Techs. They are not weak to any one Saber, but if you Saber yourselves, you can increase the amount of damage you do to them. Persevere and eventually they will die. If you lack Kevin or Duran, this can be a very long fight.

When you're finished, chat with Bigieu. She doesn't look pleased. She'll run off, and the castle of Rolante is free again! Congratulate yourselves.

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