Scratch TerminologyEdit

The following is a list of words that are used commonly by those who are participating with the development of the Scratch programming language, and whose meaning may not be clearly understood by those new to programming in Scratch. If there are additional words or terms that are used by the Scratch community that you may not understand, please simply add that word to this list without a definition. If you are an "old hand" to the Scratch community, help us out as well by adding words that may be confusing.

See sprite
An individual command or instruction used within a script.
Sometimes known as a "program". A project is a collection of scripts, sprites, sounds, backgrounds, and other images that are saved in a single file and used together.
rotation center
Sometimes known as the rotation point. The point on a sprite that stays in the same position when it is rotated. The x and y values of a sprite are determined by the x coordinate and the y coordinate at the rotation center.
One or more blocks that describe the appearance, sounds, and behavior of a sprite, the stage, or variable of a project.
An individual object that can change costumes and perform on a stage.
A collection of scripts, images and sounds that provide the "background" that sprites perform on.