Scratch/Lessons/Sharing Projects

Sharing Projects with the Scratch CommunityEdit

In order to share projects with others within the Scratch community, you must first sign up for a user account on the Scratch development team website:


If you are over 18, you are also asked to provide your current e-mail address. Keep in mind that this website is emphasizing appeal to older children, but adults (and parents especially!) are welcome to sign up for their own accounts.

Try to be truthful about the information that you use when creating this account, as it will help everybody when you are trying to work with the site moderators.


If you have developed a project using Scratch that you would like to share with the larger Scratch community, you can upload the project from within the Scratch design interface by pressing the "Share" button.

After you press the Share button, you will then be prompted with the following screen to share your project:


At this point you should try to offer references to where you obtained the images or other content, and give a brief description about what you have done with this project. What you type into this box will appear on the website as a part of the description of this project.

With version 1.4 of Scratch the "tagging" feature works. Try to enter the tags that will let people find your project.

If you want to replace one of your earlier versions with something more up to date, simply use the same project name and repeat this process. This may not work if the title of your project contains special characters like: ' * ! ) # % or anything else of a similar nature.

Remember, a project cannot be uploaded while you are using a proxy server and will fail to upload if it is over 10mbs. To lower your file size check the "Compress Sounds and Images" box in the bottom right corner of the upload screen.

When you press the "OK" button on the bottom, the following uploading box will appear:


followed by:


and finally:


If you click on the "" part of the box in blue letters, it will automatically open your default web browser to the "home page" of your user account, that should look like this if you are just starting out with a project like this:


It should be noted that you don't have a "private area" of projects only you can see. If you have uploaded something to the scratch website, it is available to everybody with an internet connection. With thousands of Scratch projects which have been uploaded, you can have a small sense of anonymity, but somebody determined to look for everything can eventually find it.

There are other features of the website which will be covered in the next section.