Welcome to the study of Scratch, a computer language that was developed by the MIT Media Lab to help provide a computer programming language that was easy enough for children to learn but complex enough to design some more elaborate computer programs.

The purpose of this textbook is to provide learning tools, lesson plans, and instructional material that would be useful in the study of this programming language. This book is provided free of charge and the development of this content is hosted on Wikibooks, one of the various sister projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.

One of the other goals of this project is to help provide some materials that can be used simultaneously with those learning resources offered by the Scratch development team. There are videos, quick help sheets, "Scratch Cards", and other resources available on other websites, and this textbook should be available under the same copyright terms. To achieve this goal, this content is dual licensed under the terms of the GFDL and Creative Commons - Attribute - Share Alike licenses. Please see Scratch/Content License for more details.

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