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Scouting/Knots/Decorational Knots/Sinnets/Five String English Sinnet

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Tying a Five String English Sinnet


Making a Five String English SinnetEdit

The Five String English Sinnet is a very simple sinnet to create, and closely related to the Three Strings version. You start by putting the five strings next to each other. Then you pick the leftmost string and cross it over the middle string. Then, you pick the rightmost string, and cross it over the middle string. Repeat this process alternating the leftmost and rightmost string, until the desired length is reached.


This sinnet is a braid, and is therefore primarily used for decoration. Another use for this sinnet is creating a stronger rope by braiding several weaker ropes. A Five String English Sinnet will create a rope five times stronger than either of the five individual ropes (provided the five ropes used were of the same quality and strength).

Other NamesEdit

  • Five String Braid
  • Vijfstrengs Vlecht (Dutch)
  • Vijfstrengs Engelse Platting (Dutch)

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