Physics demonstration experiments and hands-on activities

Numbers used in headings are the numbers used in various databases for indexing the subjects.

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Measurement (1A)Edit

Motion in One Dimension (1C)Edit

Motion in Two Dimensions (1D)Edit

Relative Motion (1E)Edit

Newton's First Law (1F)Edit

Newton's Second Law (1G)Edit

Newton's Third Law (1H)Edit

Statics of Rigid Bodies (1J)Edit

Applications of Newton's Laws (1K)Edit

Gravity (1L)Edit

Work & Energy (1M)Edit

Linear Momentum & Collisions (1N)Edit

Rotational Dynamics (1Q)Edit

Properties of Matter (1R)Edit

Fluid MechanicsEdit

Surface Tension 2AEdit

the ratio of total force acting on the surface of water to the area.

Statics of Fluids 2BEdit

Dynamics of Fluids 2CEdit

Oscillations & WavesEdit

Oscillations 3AEdit

Standing wavesEdit

Wave Motion 3BEdit

Acoustics 3CEdit

Instruments 3DEdit

Sound Reproduction 3EEdit


Thermal Properties of Matter 4AEdit

Heat and the First Law 4BEdit

Change of State 4CEdit

Kinetic Theory 4DEdit


Gas Law 4EEdit

Entropy and the Second Law 4FEdit

Electricity & MagnetismEdit

Electrostatics 5AEdit

Electric Fields and Potential 5BEdit

High VoltageEdit

High Voltage generatorsEdit

Capacitance 5CEdit

Resistance 5DEdit

Electromotive Force & Current 5EEdit

DC Circuits (5F)Edit

Magnetic Material 5GEdit


Magnetic Fields and Forces 5HEdit

Inductance (5J)Edit

Eddy currentsEdit

Electromagnetic Induction (5K)Edit

AC Circuits (5L)Edit

Semiconductors and Tubes (5M)Edit

Electromagnetic Radiation (5N)Edit


Geometrical Optics (6A)Edit

Photometry (6B)Edit

Diffraction (6C)Edit

Interference (6D)Edit

Color (6F)Edit

Polarization (6H)Edit

The Eye (6J)Edit

Eyes make us capable of glancing this beautiful world.

Modern Optics (6Q)Edit

Modern PhysicsEdit

Quantum Effects (7A)Edit

Atomic Physics (7B)Edit

Nuclear Physics (7B)Edit

Elementary Particles (7E)Edit

Relativity (7F)Edit


Planetary Astronomy (8A)Edit

Stellar Astronomy (8B)Edit

Cosmology (8C)Edit


Support Systems (9A)Edit

Electronic (9B)Edit

Mechanical (9C)Edit

Resources on the netEdit