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In this experiment, corks are launched out of a tube using liquid nitrogen pressure.


Safety ClassEdit

Very dangerous (Should only be attempted after careful training)

Required Safety EquipmentEdit

  • The show performer: Glasses and Cryogenic gloves


  • Corks (real ones, not the plastic ones)
  • Tube which is closed on one end
  • Hammer
  • Liquid nitrogen


Put the liquid nitrogen into the tube. Take a cork and hammer it down the tube. Wait for a while, and the cork will launch itself off.

Alternative methodsEdit

Some people use a plastic bottle instead of a tube. This is more dangerous, because the plastic bottle is less strong.


  • Make sure you always hold the tube while the cork is on (to prevent it from falling over)
  • Make sure you always hit the cork only once. If you try to hit it a second time, it might launch itself while you are hitting it, hit the hammer, and fly into the audience.

Other FactorsEdit

This experiment does not work if the tube is too cold. Never do this experiment twice in a row with the same tube.


What's taking placeEdit

The gas in the tube evaporates, and when the pressure is high enough, the cork is pushed out.

In the real worldEdit

Cannon work like this, only instead of evaporation they use a chemical reaction to produce gas.


Experiment developed by Stichting Rino

Page made possible by EuroPhysicsFun

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