Science: An Elementary Teacher’s Guide/Sandbox

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The Sun and Stars

Australian Example edit

This psychology class has made what may be the best Wikibook Psychology Class in Australia

Making a box edit

I found this trick:

How can you make a box?

Quiz edit

Try this quick quiz and test what you have learnt by reading this chapter!


1 Who is the coolest student in the class?


2 What happens in the brain when caffeine is present?

Dopamine reapsorption is blocked, and that makes me feel happy! :)
Adenosine cannot bind to adenosine receptors, so I don't feel tired!
The brain grows more Adenosine receptors, to try to counter-act all of the caffeine
All of the above.

3 What can long term caffeine use do to how you experience adrenaline?

It can desensitise the effect of the hormone, which can be a dangerous thing in emergency situations.
Moderate effects, slows reaction speeds in crisis.

4 True or false? Addiction is a type of motivation.