's English Composition/Reading to Write: Reading and Writing as Complementary Activities

One might argue that reading and writing are two very different activities, that require two very different types of thinking. Yet, in many ways, reading and writing are actually quire complementary. Without a doubt, some of the best advice to become a better writer is simply to become a better reader. Read often and read a lot. If you want to master writing in a specific field, the best way to get an understanding of how writing in that field is crafted is to read closely and examine the models presented by other writers. Not only will you pick up on vocabulary and jargon used by writers, you'll consciously (or sub-consciously) start to notice certain patterns and styles used by authors that you might like to adapt to make your own writing better. Alternatively, you can read the works of others and just as easily figure out examples of style that you don't think make for good writing.