SanDisk Sansa MP3 Players

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Currently, the m200 series has a pretty good manual on here. If you've got a player from one of the other series, check the m200 series for tips that might work for your player as well. Then come back and write a version of that trick customized for your player!

The SanDisk Sansa m200 series is a series of flash based MP3 players, including one with 4GB capacity. It's currently the only MP3 player besides the IPod nano to have 4GB flash capacity. The Sansa e200 series is the first MP3 player line to have a model with 8GB flash drive, and is a real iPod killer (video capacity, nice design).

For more info about the SanDisk Sansa series, refer to the SanDisk Sansa page.

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Flash based players with 2 gigabytes or more:

  • Iriver Clix
  • Samsung YEPP YP-D1
  • Samsung YP-Z5A
  • Samsung F2
  • Samsung U2
  • Apple Ipod Nano
  • iAUDIO i5
  • Jens of Sweden MP-500

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