SQL Exercises/Scientists

Relational Schema edit


Exercises edit

List all the scientists' names, their projects' names, and the hours worked by that scientist on each project, in alphabetical order of project name, then scientist name.

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SELECT   S.Name, P.Name, P.Hours
FROM     Scientists S 
         INNER JOIN AssignedTo A ON S.SSN=A.Scientist
         INNER JOIN Projects P ON A.Project=P.Code

Table creation code edit

create table Scientists (
  SSN int,
  Name Char(30) not null,
  Primary Key (SSN)

Create table Projects (
  Code Char(4),
  Name Char(50) not null,
  Hours int,
  Primary Key (Code)
create table AssignedTo (
  Scientist int not null,
  Project char(4) not null,
  Primary Key (Scientist, Project),
  Foreign Key (Scientist) references Scientists (SSN),
  Foreign Key (Project) references Projects (Code)

Sample dataset edit

 INSERT INTO Scientists(SSN,Name) 
  VALUES(123234877,'Michael Rogers'),
    (152934485,'Anand Manikutty'),
    (222364883, 'Carol Smith'),
    (326587417,'Joe Stevens'),
    (332154719,'Mary-Anne Foster'),	
    (332569843,'George ODonnell'),
    (546523478,'John Doe'),
    (631231482,'David Smith'),
    (654873219,'Zacary Efron'),
    (745685214,'Eric Goldsmith'),
    (845657245,'Elizabeth Doe'),
    (845657246,'Kumar Swamy');

 INSERT INTO Projects ( Code,Name,Hours)
 VALUES ('AeH1','Winds: Studying Bernoullis Principle', 156),
       ('AeH2','Aerodynamics and Bridge Design',189),
       ('AeH3','Aerodynamics and Gas Mileage', 256),
       ('AeH4','Aerodynamics and Ice Hockey', 789),
       ('AeH5','Aerodynamics of a Football', 98),
       ('AeH6','Aerodynamics of Air Hockey',89),
       ('Ast1','A Matter of Time',112),
       ('Ast2','A Puzzling Parallax', 299),
       ('Ast3','Build Your Own Telescope', 6546),
       ('Bte1','Juicy: Extracting Apple Juice with Pectinase', 321),
       ('Bte2','A Magnetic Primer Designer', 9684),
       ('Bte3','Bacterial Transformation Efficiency', 321),
       ('Che1','A Silver-Cleaning Battery', 545),
       ('Che2','A Soluble Separation Solution', 778);

 INSERT INTO AssignedTo ( Scientist, Project)
   VALUES (123234877,'AeH1'),