SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium

SNK vs. Capcom - Match of the Millennium
Move List Basics
SNK Characters: Akari | Athena | Geese | Haohmaru | Iori | Kyo | Leona | Mai | Nakoruru | Orochi Iori | Ryo | Terry | Yuri
Capcom Characters: Akuma | B. B. Hood | Chun-Li | Dan | Evil Ryu | Felicia | Guile | Ken | M. Bison | Morrigan | Ryu | Sakura | Zangief
Olympic Mode

This textbook attempts to be a comprehensive guide to SNK's video game SNK vs. Capcom - Match of the Millennium for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color and it's rerelease on the Nintendo Switch.

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