SMF Records/References


Articles about "Processing SMF Records Using REXX" in IBM Systems Magazine by George NgEdit

  • Leveraging SMF Data With (or Without) REXX a1
  • REXX Offers Tools for Automated Processing of SMF Data a2
  • Processing SMF Records Using REXX a3
  • A Closer Look at the REXX Code for Processing SMF Data a4

IBM DocumentationEdit

  • SA22-7630-26 z/OS MVS System Management Facilities (SMF) L11 for z/OS 1.13
  • SA38-0667-00 z/OS MVS System Management Facilities (SMF) L12 for z/OS 2.1
  • SC33-7990-19 z/OS RMF User'sGuide L21 for z/OS 1.13
  • SC34-2664-00 z/OS RMF User'sGuide L22 for z/OS 2.1

SMF Type 70 RMF Processor Activity